MIXED VARIETIES - GoMo Stick single portion 5.3g

MIXED VARIETIES - GoMo Stick single portion 5.3g

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Your energy ration in times of high exposure - for more power, concentration and efficiency day by day. 4x3 GoMo sticks of the varieties
Functional Editions
The varieties BRAIN FOCUS and ANTI HANGOVER are your support for brainwork and turbulent times.

Sports Line
The varieties INTENSE VITALITY and SPORTS MINERALS are the right choice when strength, endurance, focus and coordination are in demand.

The three varieties MACA FORCE, GUARANA KICK and GINGER FLASH make for reliable, long-lasting performance.

Fruity Boost
The varieties BLOOD ORANGE, SOUR APPLE, SOUR CHERRY and PING GRAPEFRUIT provide fruity and bitter refreshment.

The energizing effect is based on caffeine, plant powders and extracts, micronutrients as well as highly-dosed vitamins. For more details, please visit the respective variety's description. 

GoMo Stick single portion 5,3g

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