Maca (organic quality) - Direct Energy - GoMo Stick 4,5g

Maca (organic quality) - Direct Energy - GoMo Stick 4,5g

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Athletes use Maca to improve their performance, while brain-workers admire the mental alertness imparted by Maca. In addition, Maca tuber is used as a natural aphrodisiac for which reason it is especially used in natural healing. 
The outcome is a soft sweet and nutty aroma with just a touch of chocolate.
The convenient portion of energy for everyone wanting to enjoy Maca. 

We exclusively source Maca pulver made out of yellow, red, black and purple-coloured Maca roots from a Peruvian family business. In balancing the variety of roots, particular properties of each individual root is utilised, guaranteeing a high-quality product. 


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